Dabang Delhi gets its fourth consecutive defeat in home

Dabang is not taking the name of breaking the order of defeat in Delhi in his house. She now has to face defeat at 36 -34 on Sunday at the Thyagaraja Sports Complex at Patna Pirates, in her home stages. In this way he will face the fourth defeat of his home ground in the fifth edition of the Vivo Pro Kabaddi League.

Dabang Delhi gets its fourth consecutive defeat in home

Earlier, he had to face the defeat of Haryana Steelers by 24-42, 29-34 from Punei Paltan and 28-30 from Yu Mumba. Captain Pradin Narwal secured the highest number of marks in the match from Patna.

On the other hand, Jaideep earned six marks in the taker. Patna earned 19 in the Red, 11 in the tax, 11 in the all-round and two additional points. At the same time, Delhi earned 12 in 15 taxis, 4 out of 3 all-rounds and 3 additional points.

Anand returns with victory in third round

This is 11th defeat in 16 matches of Delhi, while Patna’s 10th win in 18 matches and it has reached the top with 65 points in Zone-A.
Earlier, in the last minute, due to Ajay Thakur’s miraculous game, Tamil Thalivas defeated Gujarat Fortune Giants by one point. Tamil Thalivas took the title from 35-34.

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